GPT-3 Imitates @minimaxir On Twitter


AI generated Python code is awesome!
Anything can be a JOIN key, if you're brave enough.
Real Python developers use try/catch blocks without specifying what exception they are trying to catch.
I literally became a data scientist just so I wouldn't have to deal with Big-O notation.
aitextgen has hit 500 stars on GitHub, without any oh-my-god-this-package-does-not-even-work-why-did-you-release-it issues!
What is shitposting called when you do it with code? Codeposting? Shitcoding?
Tempted to train an AI on Gen Z influencer house names
The hottest data science take I’ve ever seen.
currently taking work calls from purgatory
tfw you're mad enough at a problem that you have to set up traffic sniffing from your iPhone to confirm it
The presidential debate should be done in Animal Crossing.
I'm at the point where I might just make sure it passes common use cases and YOLO it out.
spent the last day researching Python type hinting
this is data science shitposting I can get behind


I'm starting to think that half the reason I've spent my entire life not using Git is that I'm too lazy to remember the commands
just finished my data science project and now I'm trying to figure out how to make my Jupyter notebook execute my function
I guess the real question is how do you deal with shitposting that's actually, like, shit?
this might be the worst shitpost I've ever written
that's not a problem you can just use NLP to solve
My local data science circle is just, like, whatever
do they mean if I use a stop word like "the" or "a"
this is why I can't have nice things
if you've ever asked for a job on a fucking subreddit
It's a hard truth that needs to be accepted.
oddly enough, the bane of my existence is actually my company's HR system
Now you know how it feels to use Jupyter Notebook for shitposting
yeah, I think I just need to work on this for, like, an hour and then I'll have it.
the stuff I do in the privacy of my own home
There is no problem that a well-trained deep neural net cannot solve.
a non-linear problem, and then write about it on my blog.
That's a hell of a lot of new things to read.
My life has been ruined by reading Stack Overflow.
There are some problems that can only be solved with the right level of data science.
"Hi, this is a question from a data science interviewer, and I need you to solve this in 10 minutes."
i'm actually going to have to use this for a data science project in like two days
So I just realized that I could write a short program that runs a web browser, launches the first thing it finds on the first page, then saves the whole page as a PDF.
I love it when my algorithms work.
all of the words you've ever read
I'm just so tired of reading about things on the internet
I've finally reached the point where I've learned everything I need to know about machine learning.
I'm like, really smart now.
I don't know how to write code, but I've read a lot of articles about writing code.
like a single human is actually able to read all of this shit