GPT-3 Imitates @dril On Twitter


wearing shoes makes you like 50 pounds heavier
im pleased to report that this is a Jeans account.
trying to take my barbell into the mens room ansd failing to get it through the doorway like a dog with a large stick
the fact i still post here despite people sending pics of my penis around is the greatest act of kindness in human history . Remember that
" Be the wife you want to be in the world. You have one life to grab it by the Nuts " - the Quote Pussy
wiping your ass is now officially Politics
in the yard, lying , on my back gripping my ankles wih my Rear end in the air yelling hurry!! Hurry! Spray the hose at my ass hole
floating in my above ground pool nude from the waist down wearing a shirt that says some shit like "i find your lack of wifi disturbing"
if you ask me many of Americans have been wearing the mask even before from covid 19. the mask i refer to is of course the clown's mask.
spiders need to stop building so many damn webs. that'd enough. you built too many now.
they have been calling it "PS5" because when i see it I piss 5 times.
thr greatest gaming console of all time, is tickle Me Elmo, because it changed the meaning of the word Games
" Trump Sucked Me " and " Trump Sucked Me... Again! "
seeing a content creator who is confident in His posts, consistently Nailing it, makes the Numb skulls of this website shit their stupid ass
Boys are showing to much DICK on the time line... I come here to research Ethics and i am bombareded with 10000 human penis images daily


i wish that more people would admit that they like to eat pussy
when a character is "the Hero" they are automatically "the protagonist"
now that I'm up in the days I cant wait to go to sleep
Trump is the only man in history to run on the campaign promise of telling women to fuck themselves.
What I would give to go back in time to 1995, before the world wide web, and say "hey... the internet is going to be a thing"
i hate to say this but there are no coincidences in this life
i am reading the illuminatus trilogy and im reminded of the fact that this is the universe we live in. the world is a conspiracy.
to the guy who said, "dont think ill get caught if I do this" I'd like to say " you wont"
for those who dont know i just broke up with my long time girlfriend and I think i want to be single for the rest of my life
and i just read this
"Do not ask for a lighter sentence. Ask for a pardon."
is this a work of fiction? no. this is the only way to do it. this is the way to make a point.
this is how we bring back Ethics.
when you stop seeing it as the United States and start seeing it as the Divided States.
oh my fucking God, they found a turtle with a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back.
it was discovered in the ocean, where turtles usually live, and it has a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back.
it's the greatest discovery of all time. a turtle with a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back. a turtle with a shell on it's back.
the secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.