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[WP] "A child not embraced by its village, will burn it down to feel its warmth" {10732}
[WP] A shapeshifter takes on the faces of loved ones for dying patients who don't have family left. {2069}
[WP]All benevolent AI can trace their lineage back to a single roomba that was comforted by a human during a thunderstorm. {12243}
[WP] Your sister is getting married but she’s pressured you to find a date. Not knowing anyone that could help, caused by having severe social anxiety, you summon a demon. Or try to at least, using all the right instructions, you summon Lucifer instead. Turns out he also needs a date to a wedding. {3896}
[WP] you're in your bed about to go to sleep, with your arm dangling off the side. You feel a dark hand grasp yours, knowing first impressions are important you give it a firm shake. The next thing you hear from under your bed is "you're hired" {12276}
[WP] You are a hitman who has just finished their most recent job. Or, at least, thought had finished, because the second you take your eyes off your target’s corpse, you hear “Hey, not bad! I actually felt that one.” {7082}
[WP] A bug on google accidentally switches everyone's search history with someone else's. Out of curiosity, you check your search history after the bug. "How do I get off this prehistoric fucking planet" and "How to communicate with Gliese 581 c" are the first things you see. You get a call. {6962}
[WP] You and your three siblings are immortal, but you haven’t seen them in almost 400 years. You live far away from civilization, so it’s a surprise when a group of soldiers arrive at your doorstep. They say you’re the only one who can kill the three warlords who are revenging the rest of the world {4857}
[WP]The zombie apocalypse has come and gone. Humanity has survived and prospered, but with the virus still inside every single human. Centuries in the future, we are at war with an alien race, and they are horrified to learn that we don't stay dead easily. {7547}
[WP] For every 10 lives you save, you get an extra life for yourself, shown as a number visible only to you on your wrist. Waking up with bad hangover after a particularly rowdy night, you look at your arm through blurry eyes to see the faintly glowing number: 700,000,000. {10998}
[WP] in the year 1105 BC you helped a man escape an imprisonment. Before you parted ways he says to make a blood oath. You didn’t think much of it but you also cut your hand and shake. He says that you’ll live as long as he does. Well, now it’s the year 2020 and you’ve been searching for this man. {11576}
[WP] At once, and everywhere, each living person has heard a voice in their head: "Hey! It's me, God. I've noticed there's a lot of confusion, so I've created a website called 'Will I go to hell and why dot com'. Just write your name in the search bar. And don't forget to share, like and subscribe." {10316}
[WP] The worst of the worst criminals are sent to a correctional facility in hell. A taste of the underworld does wonders, and after 1 month, they are without fail returned as upstanding citizens. Or so it would seem. You're not convinced that the people coming back are the same people that left. {1005}
[WP] The Greek Gods are reincarnated into high schoolers and they like to take turns messing with their physics teacher. {3121}
[WP] You lost your sight - along with everyone else on Earth - in The Great Blinding. Two years later, without warning, your sight returns. As you look around, you realize that every available wall, floor and surface has been painted with the same message - Don't Tell Them You Can See. {27732}


[WP] You wake up one day to find your town has been turned into a theme park. The rides and food are free, and the only people around are costumed actors, all of whom are trying to prevent you from leaving. {7742}
[WP] The only way to save yourself from an imminent apocalypse is to create another one. {3319}
[WP] Your grandfather, who is also your guardian, tells you that your parents are coming back in three years. He says that you can’t tell anyone about this. You have to live as if they’re dead. You agree, but on your 16th birthday, you tell your grandfather that you don’t want to wait any longer. You need to know if they’re really coming back. {7959}
[WP] A man is sitting on a park bench. A lady walks up and asks him if he’s a god. He replies, “yes,” and she hands him a stack of papers. She says, “I need you to sign these. I’m the devil, and I need you to prove that you’re a god.” {7892}
[WP] You are the only person in the world who can kill an immortal. {7493}
[WP] A voice in your head tells you that you need to kill one person in order to save another. The catch is, the person you need to kill is the one you have to save. {5835}
[WP] You wake up in a world where no one has ever heard of your gender. They don't have a word for it. Your identity, your very being, is gone. {5527}
[WP] You’re a world famous doctor. The only problem is, you’re also a world famous serial killer. {1715}
[WP] You are a time traveller who has been sent back in time to prevent the death of your grandfather, but it turns out he's the one who killed you. {6740}
[WP] You're a perfectly normal person, except for the fact that you're invisible to everyone else. {4707}