GPT-3 Predicts Hack News Post Scores


You download the app and it doesn’t work {943}
Written communication is remote work super power {637}
The Return of the 90s Web {731}
536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ (2018) {508}
Mozilla VPN {1275}
Apple Music on Android requires its own payment details to avoid Google 30% cut {845}
GitHub Super Linter: one linter to rule them all {594}
Apple is threatening to terminate my developer account with no clear reason {543}
Lightweight Alternatives to Google Analytics {722}
Zoom to bring end-to-end encryption to all users, including non-paying {840}
Time to Upgrade Your Monitor {1198}
Facebook to let users turn off political adverts {542}
GitHub isn't fun anymore {644}
Bootstrap 5 alpha {639}
The Next Step for Generics {671}
Drive through cities in the browser while listening to local radio stations {789}
FFmpeg 4.3 {553}
For black CEOs in Silicon Valley, humiliation is a part of doing business {671}
Procrastination is driven by our desire to avoid difficult emotions, says expert {608}
Six eBay executives and employees charged over alleged cyberstalking campaign {632}
After GitHub CEO backs Black Lives Matter, workers demand an end to ICE contract {677}
Adobe to remove Flash Player from web site after December 2020 {903}
On Coding, Ego and Attention {542}
Woman makes $420k by buying insurance on flights she predicted would get delayed {607}
How many of you know that the team is working on something that no-one wants? {620}
George Floyd Protest – police brutality videos on Twitter {656}
Ask HN: A way to adblock “we're using cookies” popups? {661}
Free Textbooks from Springer, Categorised {537}
Show HN: My daughter and I made a site to explore the photos from the ISS {526}
Amazon added a non-compete after the employee entered the U.S. on an L1B visa {708}


Inside the Army’s AI-Powered Fight Against ISIS Propaganda {652}
Paddle8 raises $25M for art auctions online {906}
Google shutters Cloud Natural Language API {547}
Using Bokeh for your first Python data visualization {583}
Windows 95 Source Code Leaked {524}
CERN open-sources a bunch of software {505}
Bose smart glasses leak details about the next wave of wearable tech {684}
iOS 13: Taptic Engine to enable 3D Touch-like effects {579}
The European Union is taking a stand against Apple, Google, and Facebook {607}
The desktop app is shutting down {681}
Why we should expect more and better cyber attacks {908}
How to Deal with Toxic People {1292}
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