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If you've had a chance to play with the API, you'll have noticed that it's so powerful that it can be hard to understand the boundaries of its capabilities. GPT-3 hunt is a place for everyone to share their prompts and params, so that we can figure this out together.


GPT-3 Writes SQL

by Faraaz Nishtar

I got GPT-3 to start writing my SQL queries for me p.s. these work against my *actual* database!

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GPT-3 Powered Search Engine

by Paras Chopra

I made a fully functioning search engine on top of GPT3. For any arbitrary query, it returns the exact answer AND the corresponding URL. Look at the entire video. It's MIND BLOWINGLY good. cc: @gdb @npew @gwern

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GPT-3 Translates English to Regex

by Parthi Loganathan

I once had a problem and used regex. Then I had two problems Never again. With the help of our GPT-3 overlords, I made something to turn English into regex. It's worked decently for most descriptions I've thrown at it. Sign up at

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GPT-3 Writes Pandas Code

by Bhavesh Bhatt

The more I play around with GPT-3, the more I'm amazed by its capabilities. I created a simple demo which can generate Python Pandas Code using Sentences :)

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GPT-3 Generates SVG Charts

by ken

GPT-3 Does The Work™️ on generating SVG charts, with a quick web app I built with @billyjeanbillyj. With a short sentence describing what you want to plot, its able to generate charts with titles, labels and legends from about a dozen primed examples. cc @gdb

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GPT-3 Powered Ask Me Anything Sheets Function

by Valentin Lehuger

Spreadsheet with AI Superpowers 🤯 Discover @actiondesk new function ASK_ME_ANYTHING powered by @OpenAI #GPT3

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GPT-3 Drafts Financial Statements

by yash

Built a GPT-3 bot that lets people with no accounting knowledge generate financial statements 📈 👀 Here it is creating balance sheets by turning everyday language into Python code:

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GPT-3 Creates Bar Chars

by plotly

We’ve explored @OpenAI’s new #GPT3 API, and we are super impressed with its capabilities! For example, you can write a simple description, and GPT-3 can automatically generate a bar chart📊 for you! CC @gdb

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GPT-3 Visualizes Gapminder Data

by plotly

We just can't get enough of @OpenAI's new API! We used #GPT3 to generate code for visualizing #Gapminder data. All we showed was a SINGLE code snippet (and column names), and it could generate plots for new columns AND queried new countries! CC @gdb @npew

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