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If you've had a chance to play with the API, you'll have noticed that it's so powerful that it can be hard to understand the boundaries of its capabilities. GPT-3 hunt is a place for everyone to share their prompts and params, so that we can figure this out together.


GPT-3's Intro To Philosophy

by Mario Klingemann

Philosophy, according to #gpt3

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GPT-3 Writes Essays

by Mario Klingemann

Another attempt at a longer piece. An imaginary Jerome K. Jerome writes about Twitter. All I seeded was the title, the author's name and the first "It", the rest is done by #gpt3 Here is the full-length version as a PDF:

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GPT-3 Muses on Music

by Ed Leon Klinger

This sentence was just written by an AI. We’re through the looking glass here people. #gpt3

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GPT-3 Improves on Delian's Essay

by delian

Omfg, ok so I fed GPT3 the first half of my "How to run an Effective Board Meeting" (first screenshot) AND IT FUCKIN WROTE UP A 3-STEP PROCESS ON HOW TO RECRUIT BOARD MEMBERS THAT I SHOULD HONESTLY NOW PUT INTO MY DAMN ESSAY (second/third screenshot) IM LOSING MY MIND

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GPT-3 Detects Non-sense

by Nick Cammarata

it's all about the prelude before the conversation. You need to tell it what the AI is and is not capable. It's not trying to be right, it's trying to complete what it thinks the AI would do :)

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GPT-3-authored 911 Script

by Stew Fortier

I asked GPT-3 to generate a 911 transcript where @paulg reports that a startup has died. The results are stunning and hilarious. "Yes, just before it died it was saying things like 'servers are not needed anymore' and 'this is good for humanity'"

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GPT-3 Drafts an Essay on Longevity

by Blake Robbins

I’ve refrained from tweeting about GPT-3 for the past few days, but...this blog post from @WillManidis just broke my brain.

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GPT-3 Writes A Short Story About Cantor

by Amanda Askell

An amusing GPT-3 story about Cantor ordering food.

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GPT-3 Answers Emails

by OthersideAI

GPT-3 is going to change the way you work. Introducing Quick Response by OthersideAI Automatically write emails in your personal style by simply writing the key points you want to get across The days of spending hours a day emailing are over!!! Beta access link in bio!

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GPT-3 Drafts a Love Letter

by Merzmensch Kosmopol

This is a love letter written by toaster: #gpt3 GPT-3 @OpenAI

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GPT-3 Writes a Philosophy Paper

by Raphaël Millière

Following @keithfrankish's tongue-in-cheek suggestion, I prompted GPT-3 to write a short philosophy paper. The result puts its strengths & weaknesses on display. The mimicry of argumentation is uncanny, if very flawed, and often unintentionally funny.

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GPT-3 Generates Explanations

by Jesse Szepieniec

@Plinz I didn't quite understand everything in your tweet, so I passed it through the @OpenAI #GPT3 API. It took multiple runs and some tweaks, and I'm still not sure I can trust it entirely, but here's what it came up with. I think I understand your point now. Or have I been misled?

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GPT-3 Commenting on Interfacial Design

by Bushra Farooqui

GPT-3 version of Steve Jobs explaining interfacial design in terms of poetry, reading, and writing, making my heart sing:

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GPT-3 Generates All Possible "I have a joke" jokes

by nutanc

I think I have had enough of these jokes. Dear GPT-3 I command you to generate all possible jokes of this type. GPT-3: Your wish is my command:

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GPT-3 Takes Objects And Generates Affordances

by Siddharth Karamcheti

Since getting academic access, I’ve been thinking about GPT-3’s applications to grounded language understanding — e.g. for robotics and other embodied agents. In doing so, I came up with a new demo: Objects to Affordances: “what can I do with an object?” cc @gdb

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GPT-3 Writes Landing Page copy

by Paras Chopra

Is GPT-3 better than humans @ writing copy? Launching a competition between human copywriters & @VWO's new AI that generates suggestions for website headlines, descriptions and buttons (via OpenAI's GPT-3 API) Participate & get access to AI:

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